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    Baby Care Services

    Are you a working parent? As a parent, the ultimate care of your child is your topmost priority at all times. However, professional duties might refrain you from taking day-to-day care of your child on an hourly basis.

    While you are away at work, you require someone trustworthy to take care of your baby just like you do. This is wherein the professional range of babysitter service in India comes in. At Internet Zone, we are a committed team of the best babysitters in the city catering to the specific requirements of the busy parents out there.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of babysitter at home?

    Basic Care: Develop, nurture and care for children at the client’s home.

    Prepare Meals & Feed: Prepare diet for infants and snacks for toddlers/ children.
    Organize & take part in leisure activities: Organize and take part in leisure activities such as games, comics, outing and exercise etc.
    Ethics & Discipline Building: Discipline in keeping with the methods requested by the parents. Promote socialization.
    Hygiene & Cleanliness: Bathe, diaper change, dress and groom infants and children. Teach children regarding personal cleanliness.
    Maintaining & tracking daily activities report: Keep records of everyday activities and health information about each child.
    Teaching Skills: Teach grown up babies various things in playful manner. Help them with play way home work.
    Toilet Training: Teach toddlers about toileting and keep them clean, something which needs constant attention.
    Prevent Household Injuries: Constant looking after the baby to prevent injuries, hold them rightly to ensure proper care.

    Working Couple: Care for your kids when you are away to workplace; including feed, school pick-n-drop(if feasible) etc.

    Single Parents: To provide equally good care for your little ones alongside your professional life

    Just After Delivery: Assist as a mother’s helper as the mother would be at home.

    Babysitters are females providing services to help you take care of your kids; in your presence or in your absence. Generally a babysitter will care for children full time while both parent are working. Its nanny's responsibility to create daily schedules and engage in activities to ensure healthy mental, physical and emotional growth of the children they care for, provides additional support in managing the household chores.