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    Laundry Services

    Laundry services are one of the most desirable services which directly relate to everyone’s daily home need.

    Laundry includes wet washing of cloths with detergents Dry Washing of specific cloths with chemicals and Press or Iron as you prefer.

    Cases Why you need a laundry services?

    • Most of us are professional employee in various companies and haven’t enough time to clean our cloths regularly.
    • Most people hesitate to take their cloths to local Waterman’s or laundry shops because they scared of optimal care and hygiene will not be maintained and expensive cloths may be ripped, discolored or may be misplaced in operations.
    • You may able to wash your outfits in your washing machine but when it comes to Curtains and bed sheet you got mesh up either wash them or what to do cause of their heavy weight and larger size.
    • You are Tent owner and you may require dry or wet cleaning of your curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers after or before any booking in marriage and other celebrations but failed to achieve right one at your place.
    • Office laundries also required cleaning due to hygiene purpose as well as attractive atmosphere.
    • You have joint family then you must need to heir a permanent dry cleaner for dirty cloths and other laundries.
    • And so many cases are possible to happen to get emergency dry cleaning services with respect to maintaining the quality of cloths and at affordable cost.



    Don’t be so anxious because we bring the complete laundry solutions directly to your door step on single click.

    We value the time and your cloths to so we promise for trustworthy services as we are prominent for online services.

    We never compromise with quality of our services and providing laundry solution with best of our Laundromats having superior technology based washing machine and equipment.

    Services in Laundry:

    • Dry cleaning
    • Wet cleaning
    • Bleaching treatment
    • Fabric based washing
    • Chemical treatment
    • Household laundries washing
    • Office laundries washing
    • Factory laundries washing
    • Tent and mat washing
    • Blanket washing
    • Mat cleaning
    • Kids wear cleaning
    • Iron and pasting of fabrics

    According to our quality based services we have different specialist for different fabrics so thus we care of your dresses and other cloths.