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    Home Insurance

    Home insurance or property insurance secures the structure and its content against unforeseen events like natural calamities (storm, cyclone, fire, etc.) or man-made activities (riots and terrorism). The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made it mandatory for every insurer to offer a standard home insurance policy known as Bharat Griha Raksha from April 1, 2021, which provides coverage for loss, damage or destruction of the home building and its content.

    Our nation is prone to natural calamities and constant fire incidences, which leads to irreversible damages. For example, in 2021, cyclone yaas in Odisha and major fire incident in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh in December 2021 which gutted 15 houses, led to severe destruction of property.

    What Does A Home Insurance Policy Cover?

    • Fire Accidents: A fire accident is quite traumatic and painful. But you can count on us to help you rebuild and restore your home the way it was.
    • Thefts And Burglaries: Burglars and thieves come uninvited to your home. Hence, it is better to secure your house with a home insurance policy to avoid financial losses. We cover losses from thefts and try to help you during your hard times.
    • Electrical Breakdown: You may take care of your electronic appliances and gadgets as much as you can. But sometimes they might breakdown. Worry not, we cover the sudden expenses incurred in case of electrical breakdowns.
    • Natural Calamities: Natural calamities like floods and earthquakes are beyond anyone’s control and within short span of time it can cause major damage to the home and its content. However, what’s in our control is to protect against potential loss of your home and its belongings with our home insurance policy.
    • Alternate Accommodation: When you are searching for a temporary roof over your head when your home is uninhabitable due to an insured peril, we are there to help. With our alternative accommodation clause, we ensure that you have a temporary place to stay comfortably till your house is ready for accommodation again.
    • Accidental Damage: Put a seal of safety on expensive fittings and fixtures with our home insurance plan. We truly believe in retaining that you need to protect your precious belongings whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant.
    • Man-Made Hazards: A man-made hazard such as riots and terrorism can be just as damaging as a natural disaster. That’s why we’ve committed to doing all we can to help protect you from the financial burden in the aftermath.

    While home insurance is not mandatory in India, you may think of getting a home insurance plan depending upon the risk factors in India. For example, many regions are prone to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and cyclones; do not forget those fire incidents and thefts/burglaries that happen here most of the times.

    Looking at the big picture is important. But taking care of the little details - that’s a superpower too. And now, with the variety of home insurance plans we offer, you can ensure that every little thing in your house is secured. That way, there’s nothing that can shake off that #HappyFeel vibe in your home.

    Home Insurance Plans For Everybody:

    For the Happy Tenants

    Who take care of a house like their own. Even if you do not own the house, you consider it your own and take care of it. You have organized the home to make a home for yourself. Your stay might be limited, the memories made there aren’t. So it is your duty to protect the content of your home.

    For Proud Home Owners

    Who have invested in a dream. Buying your own home is a huge achievement. For many, it is witnessing their dream come to reality. This reality needs to be taken care of. That’s where we step in and help you guard your home and its content against possible harm.