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    Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance secures your trip against any financial losses that might occur, due to unforeseen circumstances. It covers expenses on COVID-19 hospitalization, loss of luggage, flight delays or cancellations, and any other journey related risks. Hence, buying a travel insurance policy should be the first thing on your mind if you are travelling abroad this summer for leisure or work-related purpose.

    What’s Included?

    Emergency medical expenses

    If there’s a medical emergency, we’re there with our cashless treatment facility because you’ve got a friend in us.

    Emergency dental expenses

    Did you know that dental expenses abroad can exceed your budget -trip? But worry not, our emergency dental treatment will ensure a smile in every selfie!

    Medical evacuation

    We will literally get you out of distressing situations with emergency medical evacuation via air/surface to the nearest hospital.

    Hospital daily cash allowance

    Petty hospitalisation expenses can eat into your trip money. Although medical expenses will get covered seamlessly, with hospital daily cash we look at reimbursing those little expenses as well.

    Medical & Body Repatriation

    In case of a death, we’ll bear the cost to transfer the mortal remains to the home country.

    Accidental death

    We are with you not just in sickness and health but also in case of an accidental death. We will provide a lump-sum compensation to your family under such unfortunate circumstance.

    Permanent Disablement

    If an unfortunate accident causes permanent disability, we’ll provide a lump-sum compensation to make things a little easier for you.

    Loss of Baggage & Personal Documents

    You don’t want to be in a foreign country without your passport, right? Neither do we, so we will reimburse the expenses for getting a duplicate/new passport.

    Loss of checked-in baggage

    What’s the point of vacation shopping if your luggage gets lost? Don’t worry, we’ll compensate you for the loss of your checked-in baggage.

    Delay of checked-in baggage

    You are travelling to have fun and not to wait at the baggage collection. So, if your luggage gets delayed, we’ll reimburse you for the essentials while things get sorted.

    Personal liability

    In a foreign land if you are accidentally liable for any third party damage, we will compensate you for the same.

    Hijack Distress Allowance

    We might not be able to rescue a hijacked flight, but we’ll definitely compensate you for the distress it causes you.

    We consistently strive to make insurance easier, more affordable and more dependable. Here promises are kept, claims are fulfilled and lives are nurtured with utmost commitment.

    Don't risk your international trips. Get your Travel Insurance Now. We also cover Coronavirus hospitalisation.