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    AMC Services For Networking

    With our comprehensive AMC solutions, you need not constantly worry about the upkeep of your IT infrastructure and sudden breakdowns. With a team equipped with all the right tools, expertise and knowledge, you can be assured that your IT maintenance requirements are well taken care of. We can tailor make our comprehensive AMC solutions to suit your needs best and design the AMC scope to balance your requirements in terms of coverage and affordability.

    Our AMC can include the following:

    • 24 x 7 support.
    • Option to include spare parts replacement/repair in the AMC.
    • Routine preventive maintenance checks. [Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly]
    • Faster response time and action.
    • Emergency IT failure assistance.
    • Backup products provided in case of product downtime.
    • Assistance to coordinate with vendor in case of faulty products under warranty.
    • Assistance to coordinate with vendor in case of product repair requirements.
    • Issuance of reports for maintenance visits.
    • Alarm systems.

    Benefits of well-dimensioned network:

    • Fast performance of business processes
    • Secure data transmission, safe from loss or theft
    • High-quality voice and video communications
    • Savings in corporate communications by using IP phones and VPN technology
    • Reducing costs of network upgrades necessary to follow the business growth

    Types of Network

    • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • Wide Area  Network (WAN)
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • Intranet / Extranet
    • Wi-Fi

    IT network is the basis for all business operations. If the network is not dimensioned according to the business requirements, it will not be able to cope with everyday operations, causing interruptions in working processes and damages in business results. And if it is not designed to follow the growth of your business, it will require huge changes and provoke high costs for upgrades. Your organization needs high-performance and scalable network in order to prevent unwanted situations and unexpected costs.

    High performance network is the one that offers stability, high throughput quality and data security.

    Overall functioning of every modern company relies on IT network. All your computers and IP phones need fast and high-quality connection with the world. All your business applications and systems rely on stability and throughput quality of your network. And security of your business data greatly depends on the security of the network.